austin kane quintana

Photographer and filmmaker based in Boston, Massachusetts & Rochester, New York.

I hardly ever write down the comings and going of my life, but I do photograph and film them. Part of my work is a journal of the moments here and then gone. There are people and places that will stay and there are others that inevitably ebb away, but they are all momentous and this is my way of keeping track.

I also make photographs and films with the opposite idea in mind. In the other half of my work I transform moments of familiarity into feelings of visceral connection or disconnection with one's physical self and one's relation to nature. I want these ideas to surface in the work to create a feeling of sinking and uneasiness where the only way out is through.

The combination of subject matter and mediums in which I create is quite different, but they do meld into and influence one another. Whether it be the people and places around me or the ideas and feelings inside my head,  all of my work is a reflection of my persistence to stay present and pay attention.


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